Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the week so far

Ok the more I get into this the more I am really enjoying the whole experience. I am feeling awake, focused and energetic. I am not having overpowering food cravings. I can concentrate. This is what I have been looking for! It is tougher to plan meals and make sure that I am getting all the nutrients I need but it is more than possible.
The switches I have made:
Dairy-Soy milk, not bad at all. I think it tastes creamier than what I was drinking which was fat free milk. It is no more expensive and mixes well in recipes too without curdling. I have yet to try soy yogurt but plan on it in the next week. I usually have a yogurt after lunch but my lunches have been so satisfying I haven't needed desert. Weird.
Meat- I like tofu so that isn't a big deal to throw into curries. I made a great curry with natural peanut butter, soy sauce, lemon juice, soy milk, veggies and a few other ingredients, I will post some recipes in a later post. I have made lentil vegetable stew and some chilis with various bean combinations. Tastes a lot better than they sound and with brown rice they are all delicious, filling, fiber filled lunches.
Breakfast- As normal, oatmeal made with water with raisins and flax meal mixed in.
Bread- Ezikial (sp) sprouted grain bread
Snacks/deserts- Carrots, steamed kale and collard greans with a dash of soy sauce, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, vegan brownies and choc chip cookies, home made vegan chocolate pudding. The pudding is particularly dense and so filling. I need to experiment with stevia instead of using sugar though; sugar is never good. Protein powder- switched to Gensoy. Definitely isn't as tasty as whey but it is better than some of the regular protein powders I have tried. Also gets me 100% of my vitamin E.

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that just isn't in vegan suitable foods so that absolutely has to be supplemented altough in a healthy person b6 stores can last 3-5 years. My mutivitamin gives me that so I think I am fine.

Other stuff:
I am also becoming more self-aware. It is hard to explain it unless you can feel it but I just feel more acutely aware of people and I guess I have a heightened sense of clarity.
I haven't had the best week emotionally. This would usually result in me self medicating with food, albeit healthy but too much of it! I can honestly say I have not had any of these kinds of cravings.
I am in control and it feels really good.

I am only 7 days in though........let's see how the weekend goes, I have a 20 mile run planned on Saturday and I always get so hungry after long runs for a couple of days because of the enormous amounts of calories I expend. If I can make it through that then I will stick with this vegan thing for sure through my marathon which is in 2.5 weeks. Wow that is coming up fast!

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